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Dr Paul A Tichauer FCIArb, MA (Oxon), PhD (MIT)

Dr. Paul A Tichauer is an independent Canadian arbitrator specializing in the resolution of disputes in the extractive metallurgy, materials, manufacturing and engineering sectors.
In 2022, Dr. Tichauer received the CIArb Canada Award for Distinguished Service in Canadian Arbitration. He is Vice President of the Standing Committee of the ICC International Centre for ADR in Paris and was Founding Co-Chair of the annual CanArbWeek Conference. 

Prior to becoming a commercial arbitrator, Dr. Tichauer enjoyed a successful C-Suite career with a number of companies providing highly engineered products, processes and services.


Some arbitrations revolve primarily around legal issues, but for many, a comprehensive and well-reasoned decision can hinge on complex commercial or technical considerations. These circumstances often require a richer, more detailed understanding of the core business and technical issues at hand. In these situations, effective dispute resolution will benefit from someone who possesses a sound comprehension of the substantive issues in addition to understanding and applying the relevant laws and rules. 

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Dr. Tichauer has the training, knowledge and understanding required to resolve complex international commercial disputes. This is amplified by direct experience as a practicing international arbitrator and by his roles as Chair of the Canada Branch of the CIArb and Vice President of the Standing Committee of the ICC International Centre for ADR.


As an experienced CEO, Dr. Tichauer provides the important added values of in-depth industry knowledge and first-hand expertise in a wide array of industrial, technology and materials sectors, as well as a proven ability to effectively manage both business process and people.

"I believe ensuring the arbitral decision is right is as important as ensuring it is enforceable. Including relevant professional diversity and experience on the arbitral panel helps achieve this."

“ My objective has always been to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the ADR process by introducing a skill, experience base, and understanding that complements that provided by the arbitration lawyers. 



Science is absolute; engineering is not and can be argued at length by both parties. It is important, therefore, to distinguish whether the core issue in dispute is predicated on fundamental scientific or legal principles or is one that turns primarily on the much less clearly defined aspects of engineering design, fabrication quality and operations responsibility.

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